Choosing The best bottle for breastfed baby who refuses bottle

If you are searching for the best bottle for breastfed baby who refused bottle then starts by knowing the present condition. If your baby has a particular problem or concern, you may want something specially made for that. Some bottles will reduce the amount of air going inside the baby’s stomach while feeding, while other bottles are much easier for the baby holds on their own. You should at the design and description to decide which one suits you and your baby. Some may be good at first, but every individual’s situation is different. They may cause the problems like gas and frequent spits ups and your baby might start crying when you give the bottle.

You should think about the material of the bottle. You have to keep the material in mind regardless of what you need. Plastic bottles never break but plastic is not safe, so you need something called as BPA free which is free of chemicals. Glass bottles are heavier and you cannot leave the baby with such bottles. Metal bottles are known for their durability then you can put them in the microwave. So like this, every bottle has its own benefits and disadvantages also. You should take all these matters into consideration then only you can decide better.

Until and unless you try, you won’t know what works best for your baby. You can go for cheaper bottles initially, if your baby likes it then move on to expensive ones with better quality but with the same design and shape. Babies are very picky when it comes to feeding bottles, so it really up to them what they like or what they don’t like. All you can do is just keep trying different bottles until your baby is satisfied and happy.