Learn About Different Home Security Systems To Help Choose the Right One

Choosing from myriads of different security system types can be confusing and annoying.

Know the different home security system types

Monitored security systems

  • Monitoring system alerts a central station, if alarm triggers, personnel at monitoring station calls and dispatches the authorities to your home.
  • Monitoring system keeps an eye on your home security status and family safety 24/7.
  • Some cons of monitored system are the alarm is connected through outdoor phone lines, so burglars can cut them before breaking but cellular radio or phone can be used as an option to prevent this issue.
  • Monitored security systems are more expensive.

Unmonitored security systems

  • A loud siren sets of, when alarm gets tripped.
  • This security system depends on the neighbors to call the authorities, if you are away from home.
  • Dependence on neighbors to hear and contact the police can be a disadvantage.
  • It is an affordable option because there are no monitoring fees to be paid.
  • Loud sirens drive burglars away because lots of unwanted attention gets drawn towards the house.

Wireless alarm systems

  • Wireless systems are easy to install.
  • No monitoring fees and settings can be chosen as you like.
  • For example, users can opt to use cameras, sensors, and motion detectors.
  • Distance limitation between cameras and sensors is the huge disadvantage.
  • Batteries need to be replaced every now and then, which adds to the cost.

Specific alarm systems

  • Water leak alarm helps to protect property from flooding due to pipe leaks or natural disaster.
  • An emergency button on control system keypad helps during a medical emergency, especially useful to monitor elderly, incapacitated, and ill people.
  • Smoke detectors guards against fire.
  • Carbon monoxide detector helps to protect everyone under the roof from breathing fatal gas.

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